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Newest Energy & Power 360° Research

Inside R&D TechVision Opportunity Engine. Turning Clotting Agents into Clot Removers; British Universities Demonstrate Acoustic Tractor Beam; Microbial Photosynthesis to Energize the Future by Hydrogen Production
November 26th
The Hydroelectric Inga III Project of the DRC
November 24th
Asia-Pacific Switchgear Market - 2015 Update
November 22nd
Global Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Developments 2015
November 18th
US Digital Protective Relay Market
November 3rd
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energy_power100.jpgEnergy concerns are a dominant challenge to businesses and governments around the world. Managing existing electricity usage, ensuring power up-time, and planning for growth are all vital when it comes to electricity and resources.

Frost & Sullivan’s Energy & Power content covers the gamut of the energy world, from upstream extraction, to power generation, across the power grid and through to the meter. We cover the traditional markets that fuel economies of the world and the renewable industries that present the highest growth rates. Our coverage is global, with contributing analysts on all five continents that specialize in areas including fossil power generation, renewables, smart grid, and upstream oil & gas.

   Energy & Power Key 360° Issues

  • Growing populations, urbanization, and the global middle class will require more energy, produce more waste, yet demand more environmentally sound practices
  • The lack of a comprehensive and long-term energy policy in the U.S. further complicates predicting future trends in all energy markets: renewable energy, fossil and nuclear sources, smart grid implementation, etc
  • The cost of energy can depend greatly on governments’ policies, incentives and restrictions, which can change with new administrations and economic upswings or downturns

Technology Analysis

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Advanced Manufacturing Automation
Clean & Green Environment
Sensors & Control
Sustainable Energy

Sector Coverage

Centralized Power Gen

Gas and Steam Turbines
Power Plant Services
The Threat of Other Technologies
Upstream Issues such as E&P and Shale Gas

Transmission & Distribution

Smart Grid
Analysis on the Impact by EVs and Renewables

Distributed Power Gen

Generator Sets
On-Site Power
Power Rentals
Energy Services
The Future of DG vs. Centralized Power

Green Energy

Alternative Energy & Renewables
Fuels & Feedstocks
Emission Reduction
Energy Efficiency
Grid Inerconnection Issues and Practices

Industry Convergence

Automotive & Transportation
Measurement & Instrumentation
Environment & Building Technologies
Industrial Automation & Process Control