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February 26th
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February 8th
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February 6th
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February 2nd
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January 30th

automatic identification100.jpgThe Automatic Identification & Security technologies have matured a great deal in the past few years, and there have been significant advancements and business benefits being achieved by end users. The combination of RFID technologies is particularly beneficial for applications and environments, such as supply chain and inventory management.

The Security industry is currently in transition and accelerating convergence. The industry is attracting significant investment and competition from the IT, Building Control, and Energy-Management industries, for example, and will provide growth opportunities for a variety of vendors from diverse industries.

  Automatic Identification & Security Key 360° Issues

  • Regulatory mandates are necessary for growing demand for biometric solutions from developing countries and untapped regions
  • Increasing complexity and security requirements of next-generation systems are key to Automatic Identification & Security market growth
  • IT infrastructure, cloud computing, network security, and wireless technologies are all key growth areas and evolving rapidly
Auto IdentificationSecurity  

RFID in Apparel Supply Chain
Global RFID Middleware Markets
NA RTLS Markets
Active RFIS in Sensor Networks
RFID in Data Center Markets
RFID in Oil & Gas Markets
RFID in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Markets
Asia Pacific RFID Markets
China RFID Markets
North East Asia RFID Markets
Advances in NFC (Contactless Identification and Interconnection Technologies)
RFID in Printing Solutions Market
World RTLS Markets
European RFID Retail Market


World Biometrics Market
Indian Biometrics Market
NA Government Biometrics Market
Non AFIS Fingerprint in Notebooks & Wireless Devices
Global Voice Recognition Markets
Global AFIS Market
Strategic Analysis of Healthcare Biometrics Market
World Dynamic Signature Markets
World Financial Healthcare Biometrics Market
Iris Recognition Biometrics Market
Advances in Speech Technology


World Barcode Printer & Scanner Market
World Smart Card Analysis: Investment Analysis

Port Security

Container Screening
Perimeter Security
AUV Operations
Access Control

Maritime Security

Maritime C2

Border Security

Intrusion Detection
C2 Systems
Intelligent Fencing
Automated Border Control

Large Events

Crowd Control
First Responder C31
Spectator Screening

Airport Security

Perimeter Security
Access Control

Mass Transport

Incident Response & Training
Access Control

First Responder C31

C2 Systems
Mobile Communications
Infrastructure Requirements

Critical Infrastructure

C2 Systems
Perimeter Detection
Incident Response
Integrated Solutions
Blast Proof Materials
Safe Cities

Integrated Security

Cyber Security
CIP Network Security
Physical Security

Urban Security

Centralized C2
Remote C2
Mobility Management
Emergency Response & Management
Secure Communications

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