MBA Program

Newest 360° Research

Geographic Information System: An Essential Tool for Operations and Business Decision Making for Physical and Virtual Networks
February 27th
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. High-Performance Edible Oil Refining Technology to Reduce Health and Handling Hazards; Powerful 4-Stroke Gas Engine to Offer Enhanced Output to Power Plants; Expansion of European Refinery to Meet Global Demand for Lube Oil
February 27th
Aerospace and Defense Technology Alert. Solid-State Power Controller Reduces Footprint and Raises Reliability; Novel Chip Ensures Safe Avionics Data Transfer in Flight; Internet Protocol-Based System Upgrades Communication in European Navies
February 27th
High-Tech Materials Alert. Nanomaterial for Flexible Electronic Devices; Microgels for Biomedical Research and Applications; Nanomaterial Developed for Cleaning Huge Oil Spills
February 27th
Medical and Diagnostic Imaging Technology Alert. Aortic Regurgitation Measurement Tool; Single Scan Breast Imaging System; Spectroscopic Measurement of Haemoglobin
February 27th

mba.jpgFrost & Sullivan offers a powerful partnership program for Business Schools to support their students with real-world research to support their case studies, analysis of industries, and best practice research. Today, the world's top 50 MBA schools are all partners.

In the current economy, it is increasingly difficult for business school graduates to obtain meaningful positions in the corporate world.  Graduates must immediately demonstrate their competence and business acumen if they are to convince employers of their value.

  MBA Program Key 360° Issues

  • Many universities are struggling with decreased endowments and the need to trim their budgets accordingly
  • Many donors are tightening their belts and not contributing the same amounts they would in times of prosperity
  • Many business schools are looking to more frequent and timely faculty publications as a source of additional revenue
  • Preparation for life after graduation takes on increased significance when students are forced to compete in a down job market
Value to the University

Supports your goal to be among the top-tier of Business Schools
Strengthen the Business School academic offering
Assist the University in preparing students for a competitive job market
Effective use of budget

Value to University's Faculty

Support faculty’s research efforts
Expedites research
Aids “First to Print” goals
Enhances classroom materials
Global industry research at their fingertips

Value to University's Students

Conveys an in-depth understanding of challenges facing business today
Provides visibility into future employers’ best practices
Familiarizes them with real-world resources
Connects students to industry experts
Encourages innovation & entrepreneurship
Exposes students to actual decisions facing today’s corporate leaders

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