Newest Education 360° Research

Taking Purpose-Built Analytics Where It Has Never Gone Before: The Monetization of Network Operations and Engineering
December 19th
Vital Signs - Exploring Brain Health: The Inevitable Rise of Brain Wearables
December 19th
Accelerating US Manufacturing Top 50 Game Changers Impacting the Manufacturing and Production Sector, Manufacturing Software Markets
December 19th
Accelerating US Manufacturing Top 50 Game Changers Impacting the Manufacturing and Production Sector
December 19th
Medical and Diagnostic Imaging Technology Alert. Functional Imaging for Detection of Alzheimer s Disease; Intelligent Teleradiology Solution; Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Platform
December 19th

education.jpgUniversities know what is needed to make their institution as effective as possible, but often they do not have the proper tools and resources to provide real-world, decision making scenarios to their advanced students. Educational institutions need a cost effective means of providing access to a wide spectrum of disciplined research and best-practice models.

The program will enable business schools, tech transfers and engineering schools to become well-informed in methods of analyzing the current technology and business environment across 10 industries, extracting and formulating trending based on historical research, and developing skills that are applicable to solving business challenges encountered in both B2C and B2B markets.

  Education Key 360° Issues

  • The pressure on university budgets is impacting Technology Transfer offices
  • Administration is under pressure to monetize investment in technology
  • Many business schools are looking to more frequent and timely faculty publications as a source of additional revenue
  • Preparation for life after graduation takes on increased significance when students are forced to compete in a down job market
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Advanced Manufacturing Automation
Clean & Green Environment
Health & Wellness
Information & Communication
Materials & Coatings
Medical Devices & Imaging
Sensors & Control
Sustainable Energy
MBA Program

Access to real-time industry research
Exposure to best practices
Timely and relevant materials
Enhanced student marketability
Continuous access to best practices
Direct access to Frost & Sullivan research experts
Preparation for “the real world”
Resources that strengthen the University’s Business School Academic Offering
Shortened time to press
Global industry research

Tech Transfer & Engineering Program

Understand the technology market fit
Estimate the market value of technologies (Early & Late stage)
Identify technology licensing opportunities on a global scale
Delineate regulatory and product development issues
Align your growth strategy with global market parameters
Your technology managers and licensing staff will gain a more complete understanding of
Market drivers, restraints, and challenges will be highlighted to enable your staff to
understand the trends and forecasts

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