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Newest IT Services & Applications 360° Research

Augmented Reality: The Middle East as a Launch Pad
September 27th
Qualitative Insights into the Software- and Platform-as-a-Service Markets in Latin America
September 26th
Growth Opportunities in the US Digital Advertising Market
September 22nd
Data Center Benchmarking Strategy Study
September 15th
Artificial Intelligence-powered Innovations In Computer Vision - IT, Computing and Communications TOE
September 15th
IT Services & Applications Research
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it services apps100.jpgThe IT Services & Applications Growth Partnership Services program offers clients unique insights into the competitive dynamics of the market, detailed assessments of market opportunities, pricing strategies, demand trends, and technological developments, as well as applications and best practices for the industry.

Our market analysis is based on both quantitative and qualitative information, and helps clients stay abreast of challenges and trends in this dynamic market to develop solutions to remain competitive and grow their businesses. Frost & Sullivan's IT Services & Applications research analysts, market specialists, and industry experts provide market coverage of sectors such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ERP, Enterprise Integration and Middleware Tools from a regional and global perspective.

  IT Services & Applications Key 360° Issues

  • Increasing competition, market saturation, and commoditization of mobile voice challenges companies to differentiate with mobile data services and innovative applications
  • Consumers are increasingly more technology savvy and adopting more sophisticated form factors and innovative applications
  • Fragmentation along the mobile & wireless value chain creates challenges for market participants to off true end-to-end solutions

Sector Coverage

Electronic Medical Records
Hosted CRM
Mobile Field Service Management (FSM)
Multi-Channel Marketing
Managed Security Services
CRM and Billing Software
ERP Markets
Enterprise Marketing Management
Managed Network Services for Telcos
CRM Analytics
Infrastructure Management Services
Managed Enterprise Telephony Services
CRM Integration
Quality Monitoring and Enterprise Performance Optimization
Enterprise Integration and Middleware Tools

Industry Convergence

Aerospace & Defense
Automotive & Transportation
Consumer Technologies
Electronics & Security
Energy & Power Systems
Environment & Building Technologies
Transformational Health
Industrial Automation & Process Control
Measurement & Instrumentation


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