Technology Roadmaps

Key Client Issue: Technology Roadmaps

Technology roadmaps consider what investments in technology (1) might be valuable to future customers or partners, and (2) serve as a bridge between an organization’s long-term goals and its short-term technology needs. 

Hot Topics:
  • Designing a company wide technology roadmap that is both aggressive and achievable
  • Translating the technology roadmap into product-level roadmaps that influence innovation and investment decisions
  • Sifting through myriad emerging technologies to focus on those most likely to become mainstream innovations
  • Translating the organization’s long-term strategic vision into specific technology solutions

Value Proposition:

Frost & Sullivan consultants believe that a technology roadmap is comprised of two critical parts:  the, corporate technology roadmap, and the product-level roadmaps that make the corporate vision a reality.  We believe each of these roadmaps should support and bolster the other, and that each should be founded on in-depth market and technology research that accounts for all pending advances, shifts, and opportunities.

Consulting Approach:

Frost & Sullivan’s technology experts will help you through each phase of designing a technology roadmap.  We ground each phase – scoping, building, and follow-through – around our in-depth technical intelligence.  This research ensures that your technology roadmap takes into account real-time technology developments, as well as collaboration and licensing opportunities, which will enable you to stay ahead of your competition and your customers.

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